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   Voodoo Moose was once hailed as the pinnacle of creative achievement by former dark master Dick Cheney. The Ku Klux Klan once named Voodoo Moose the single greatest threat to the ayrian race since the advent of grain-based breakfast cereal (it was the gluten). The point is, this rough and tumble group of wise guys are basically the last remaining hope of humanity, and the continued survival of several other species (including dogs). So you might just want to get to know what makes them tick by watching every single one of their massive collection of stupid videos. Impressively, these videos are renowned as some of the stupidest, most vile, dumb, horrendous, vomit-inducing, filthy, dirty, dirty, trash that was ever bestowed the honor of representing the views and opinions of their sponsors. You hereby have permission to click on any one of the following video links. Below you will find what is colloquially known as "The Trove."

One Shot Wonders

  Three mid-20s men, one internet-enabled mass communication client, and countless brainstorming sessions have resulted in One Shot Wonders. The perfect design-by-committee commercially viable mass profit generating product.

  The idea: to take Animated TV Shows and Movies nobody watched and recreate them in a way nobody asked for. But don't take our word for it. In the words of the ghost of Theodore Roosevelt, "What? I can't understand your uncommon vernacular. Why are you asking me about mooses?"

Three White Guys is a show about three white guys. They are as soft and puffy as you might imagine from privilged marshmellow people. The show takes on some of the mostest hottest political issues of our time, such as: why does it take different amount of times to pop different brands of microwave popcorn? What really happened to the titanic? And, of course, was Gamergate really just Pizzagate in disguise?

Join Brian and his friends Trey and Desmond as they adventure through time and space, destroying evil, and living the good life.



UA Academy for heroes puts on an annual fighting tournament, and monetizes the shit out of it with concessions, merch, swag, development deals, and of course, a reality TV show that records every waking moment of the participants’ lives.

Academia’s Next Top Hero will prove to the world once and for all who the strongest student is. It’s an enormous popularity contest that surely has no effect on the already troubled self-image of the average teen contestant.

Voodoo Moose Live

  When the going gets tough, and you can't find a way to soothe that existential pain of daily life, we can offer no help. We can, however, offer this live show, where we convene with a group of our closest allies and confidants to discuss the issues of the day. Particularly, and perhaps exclusively, issues relating to Voodoo Moose Intl. and its affiliates.


  Metabridged is a deep cerebral exploration of the depths of recursion and the fractal nature of reality. It is also based on a Canadian-dubbed anime that aired on Fox Kids in the US in the early 2000s.

  In this fictional mockumentary sitcom, a group of children film some kind of show(?) in an effort to 'make it big' on the Internet. But along the way discover the perils of collaboration and interacting with other people in general.