For years... No... Decades, people have been reading text. It's a skill we are all naturally born with. However, in the past few months, with the rise of video sharing websites such as DailyMotion, text-reading is at an all time low. For that reason, we have teamed up with a panel of expert writers to provide high quality words in an effort to combat the perception that text isn't sexy anymore. At Voodoo Moose, despite our world-class videos, we do not believe that text is just boring words that don't have no moving images or flashy sound effects. Below you will find some of the greatest articles on this website. They are comprised almost entirely of text. So for all you high-minded patient reading-types out there, please feel free to bruwse and peruse these large chunks of words and characters. The ideas you will encounter will excite and titillate the senses. Moreso than any video you have ever seen in your life. That is the Voodoo Moose Gurentee.