"Kanzenshuu: The Perfect Dragon Ball Collection" (VegettoEX)


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Today's guest is VegettoEX, one of the owners and operators of Kanzenshuu.com, the most authoritative Dragon Ball fansite in several universes. He also hosts existence's premier Dragon Ball podcast, Kanzenshuu the Podcast. If it were not for VegettoEX, Kind Soundwaves would not exist. Find out why by listening to the show.

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Kind Soundwaves - VegettoEX

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0:00 – "Embrace the Remix" - Kirby Ferguson
6:13 – Kanzenshuu and The Internet's Identity Crisis
10:24 – Everything Everything "Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread"
13:58 – VegettoEX on Discovering Dragon Ball and Beginning Web Design
17:57 – VegettoEX on Kanzenshuu.com Traffic and Data Analytics
24:12 – VegettoEX on DBZ English Dub and Fans
33:59 – “The Pleasures of Strong Disagreement” – Alain de Botton
38:43 – VegettoEX on Internet Drama and Maturity
46:36 – Maximum the Hormone "F"
51:27 – VegettoEX on Kanzenshuu the Podcast
1:07:04 – Outro