"PurpleEyesWTF: Closet Abridger" (PurpleEyesWTF)


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PurpleEyesWTF began creating videos for YouTube in 2009, and for the next 10 years entertained fans with his unique brand of fast-paced absurdist comedy. PurpleEyesWTF created Code MENT and None Piece, abridged series of Code Geass and One Piece. This episode of Kind Soundwaves dives deep into PurpleEyesWTF's past work, his methods of writing and editing, anime conventions, artificial intelligence, and more.



Kind Soundwaves - PurpleEyesWTF

If you would prefer to listen to the interview without cutaways, then check out the uncut Screenside Chats version of this interview.

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0:00 – Opening
1:30 - SpriteStuff and Innagadadavida discuss PurpleEyesWTF
8:26 – PurpleEyesWTF on his influences and favorite shows
12:49 – PurpleEyesWTF on his early Internet experiences
16:40 – PurpleEyesWTF on Code MENT
24:53 – PurpleEyesWTF on None Piece
30:15 – PurpleEyesWTF on being on YouTube
37:30 – PurpleEyesWTF on anime conventions
44:43 – PurpleEyesWTF on the limitations of Abridging
48:13 – PurpleEyesWTF on writing jokes
54:30 – PurpleEyesWTF on life as an adult
59:04 – PurpleEyesWTF on social media
1:06:35 – PurpleEyesWTF on YouTube's algorithms
1:13:19 – "Dumb AI Controlling Dumb Humans"
1:16:58 – PurpleEyesWTF closing statements
1:19:19 – Break
1:20:36 – Music Review
1:30:47 – "Post-Modernism: The Good, The Bad, and The Deconstructed"