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Today on Screenside Chats, we're playing Innagadadavida's interview with PurpleEyesWTF. This is the full full uncut, mostly unedited version, but also be sure to check out the Kind Soundwaves cut of this interview which features samples of what we're talking about and some more segments.
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PurpleEyesWTF Interview - Screenside Chats

Be sure to check out the Kind Soundwaves cut of this interview, with cutaway examples of the topics from the conversation.

PurpleEyesWTF, or Nick as he's known in the real world, grew up in the Northeastern United States, and while he was in college he created Code MENT, an Abridged series of Code Geass. He was inspired by LittleKuriboh, creator of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged and after discovering those videos, decided he wanted to try making his own. Not too long after that, his Abridged series gained popularity with fans on YouTube and he began working on None Piece, a bizarre and hysterical parody of One Piece, which brought in even more people to his absurdist and fast-paced style. And lets not forget the very funny animation and live-action content that he has created over the years. His style of humor as well as the term MENT from Code MENT was adopted by many other creators in the Abridging community possibly making him one of the most influential creators in the scene. Nick is well known by convention goers, friends, and fans to be an incredibly amicable and friendly person. These days Nick has slowed down making videos and is living life with his fiance and working as a manager in a nuclear power-plant. In this interview we talk about his life, his videos, social media, YouTube algorithms, his future plans, and much more. Enjoy the show!