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Today on Screenside Chats, we're playing Innagadadavida's interview with LittleKuriboh. This is the full full uncut, mostly unedited version, but also be sure to check out the Kind Soundwaves cut of this interview which features samples of what we're talking about and some more segments.

Pokemon: Legend of Thunder Abridged (Feat. LittleKuriboh & PurpleEyesWTF)

Voodoo Moose Live - Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Discussion

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LittleKuriboh Interview - Screenside Chats

This episode features a full uncut interview with LittleKuriboh, which has been requested quite a bit. This interview was recorded a year and a half ago, at this point. So it’s a little dated, especially with some of the topics we discussed now having changed considerably. But there is still plenty to chew on. The show starts off by diving into Martin's past, I wanted to learn more about how he grew up and became the person we all know today. We talk about religion, Social anxiety, discovering the Internet, writing fanfiction, creating abridged series, comedic influences, techniques for writing parody, and of course, Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged and several of Martin's other shows.