A Brand New Reality Show With Three Minutes of Content for Every Ten Minutes of Commercials

Reality shows are good for one thing. Ratings. Also budgets. Turns out, you can just turn on some cameras, let some teens be all— teeny- and viola! People will be glued to the screen absorbing exactly zero applicable information and somehow feeling better about their lives. It’s a sure fire hit! Now playing on MTV and coming soon to TLC (The Learning Channel)…

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Three White Guys Make A Cartoon About Three White Guys And You Won't Believe What Happened Next

We let Ben out of his cage for a very short period of time and tasked him with creating the next animated hit. We told him if it didn’t reach the same levels of success as the film The Lion King (the animation not the also animated “live action” version) then he would be forced to eat nothing but packing peanuts for a decade…

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One Interview with PurpleEyesWTF, Two Ways to Listen

Our market research has determined that content consumers are divided on the issue of cutaways in their podcasts. We have forced our crack team of German engineers to work long hours developing a new product for the global market. But that product failed and we fired them all. Forced to start over from scratch on our own we decided to release the interview twice, in two distinct forms.

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Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Episode 80 Came Out Today

Dustin took a break from Voodoo Moose projects for a few weeks to edit the 80th episode of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged. Which was also the fourth episode of the series edited by Dustin. The previous episode of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged was edited in one week, creating a new record for the speed editing demon known as the guy writing this. That's right, I'm shamelessly self-promoting in a neutral 3rd party voice, wanna fight about it?

Editing these videos quickly is only possible because LittleKuriboh sends me…

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JoJo's-Bizzare-Adventure-Style Portraits!

Ben has taken to his electronic drawing pad once again and inked out some stylish portraits of us based on JoJo's Bizzare Adventure. Fun fact, each portrait is done in a different era of the series style! This is the painting you will find upon the ceiling of de Chapel de Dorkes. Located somewhere in Europe, probably. Behold the sorrow and pain in Ben's eyes. The musculature of the incredibly manly Dustin. Then feast your eyes on the peircing gaze of the attractive male, Tyler. We are indeed one member away from a full on k-pop boy band, destined for the cover of OtakuUSA and Animerica.

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New Artwork and Site Updates

Ben has taken the concept of a burlap stuffed moose and turned it into the darned cutest thing. Look at this lil' guy. Awwww. What's he doin? He's playing with film? Wearin' a monocle? This artwork represents various parts of the site, and serve as a nice little welcome to each page. How cool! In the wise words of one Tyler (OoziHobo): "This site is really coming together!"

We'll be ready to launch in no time!

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SpongePulp FictionPants 3 Released!

Those who lack a certain sensitivity to the particular sounds formed by the utterance of racial epithets (and fans of SpongeBob) may remember a moderately viral clip of a cartoon sponge uttering such sounds. Well if you thought that was shocking just wait until you hear a starfish talk about pussy. Anyway, here's the third installment of that thing that everyone asks Innagadadavida to do again, even though it has lost all sense of novelty.

Ah, but pulling the curtain back is pretty novel! And many viewers of the first two have asked how they were made many times! So we have also provided a how-to tutorial, or a showcase if you will, of how the strange little man who made that viral clip did so. This is the single most extensive tutorial of one particular method of editing American animation this side of the mighty Mississip. So indeed check this one out too, because I'm gonna be honest with you, it's the only thing we can monetize.

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Hello World!

Welcome to the Voodoo Moose Website. At the time of this posting, we are still working on the site. Right now, we're setting up the infrastructure for posting content such as videos, articles, and audio podcasts. We also have a forum that we hope will one day be full of the beautiful avatars of a bustling community (do people still post on forums?).

Thank you for checking out the site, we hope to entertain you in ways you can't possibly imagine.

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