Parody X Hunter EP. 5 Out Today!


Ben and John's series Parody X Hunter released a new episode after several years of hiatus. Don't miss the continuing saga of preparing for matrimony!

Episode 5: Ready X Go!

Written by MercuryFalcon and Deathlymuffins
Edited by ThroneOfCipher
Also Starring:
Harrysfiddlesticks as Leorio and Jerry Beanfeld
GreaseMNK or EpicGundamu as Netero
AtticusTheAbridged as the Narrator
MercuryFalcon as Tonpa and Johness
ThroneOfCipher as Killua, Girl, and
Announcer Chadvision as Birvorces

It's like a Hunter x Hunter Abridged, except it's longer than 3 episodes!