Three White Guys Make A Cartoon About Three White Guys And You Won't Believe What Happened Next


We let Ben out of his cage for a very short period of time and tasked him with creating the next animated hit. We told him if it didn’t reach the same levels of success as the film The Lion King (the animation not the also animated “live action” version) then he would be forced to eat nothing but packing peanuts for a decade. We’re not sure, but there is reason to believe that man can not live on packing peanuts alone. So help Ben not die by watching this video.


Yes indeed, Voodoo Moose is branching out into original animation. How neat! Who knows what the future holds? A development deal? A feature length film? All created by Ben fueled on a diet of styrofoam? What a crazy world we live in. One where a cartoon about marshmellow people is cutting right through the divisive and political issues of our time. And all done by white people, who were born that way through no fault of their own.