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New Artwork and Site Updates

Ben has taken the concept of a burlap stuffed moose and turned it into the darned cutest thing. Look at this lil' guy. Awwww. What's he doin? He's playing with film? Wearin' a monocle? This artwork represents various parts of the site, and serve as a nice little welcome to each page. How cool! In the wise words of one Tyler (OoziHobo): "This site is really coming together!"

We'll be ready to launch in no time!

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Hello World!

Welcome to the Voodoo Moose Website. At the time of this posting, we are still working on the site. Right now, we're setting up the infrastructure for posting content such as videos, articles, and audio podcasts. We also have a forum that we hope will one day be full of the beautiful avatars of a bustling community (do people still post on forums?).

Thank you for checking out the site, we hope to entertain you in ways you can't possibly imagine.

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