Kind Soundwaves

   In the year 2067, the audio power emanating from the Voodoo Moose Corporate Headquarters in Shenzhen, China, was so powerful it tore a hole in the space-time continuum. From that moment, enormous waves of sonic energy spontaneously erupted into existence across vast swaths of remote areas in the multiverse. One such eruption imbued mystical energy into three magic totems that when brought together form the Kind Soundwave.

  In 2006 those totems were united and disseminated into RSS feeds across cyberspace a new podcast that bares the name of the force that brought forth its existence. The reaction online was mixed. Some praised its unique mixes of music and spoken audio, but others found the meandering and seemingly-unrelated flow of content distracts from an otherwise fruitful conversation. The podcast has been slow to update, but a cult following in the remote reaches of the Siberian tundra has grown to the point of being recongized by the state as an official religion.